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Home South River Sound & Stage, LLC has been providing theatrical sound reinforcement, stage lighting, and projection service since 2005. It is our mission to provide professional equipment and service to smaller venues at an affordable price. We believe the "little guys" do not need to settle for less than the best in Audio Visual support!

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All of our personnel maintain current criminal history checks, and copies of these are available to all customers. We frequently volunteer in Youth Ministry, and strongly believe you can never be too careful in selecting personnel to staff your event, especially those who will interact with children and teens.

Jon Swarner works as a mechanical engineer, specializing in system design and fabrication. He has always loved "techie" work, running sound for his church from the age of 9. Over the years, he began collecting some equipment of his own and providing sound reinforcement for church and school events, and in 2005, he founded South River Sound & Stage, seeing a need for smaller-venue A/V support.

Jim Michener has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 25 years. He has also enjoyed working with A/V for many years as a hobby, and has worked with churches for over 15 years in both the technical and production aspects. He specializes in technology integration and getting the most out of a little. He asserts that a church or school often already has the right equipment; it's just a matter of optimizing, repairing or providing training to their personnel.

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